Isata Kanneh-Mason, the next star from Britain’s most musical family

One of seven musical prodigies, pianist Isata Kanneh-Mason says she is equally inspired by Clara Schumann (the subject of her first album) and Beyoncé. She talks to Neil Fisher.

They are seven outrageously gifted musical siblings. They have been called the Von Trapps of Britain. They performed on primetime television on Britain’s Got Talent and Simon Cowell pronounced them “the most talented family in the world”. One of them, Sheku,played at a royal wedding and suddenly became a household name. Yet if the poster boy for the Nottingham-raised Kanneh-Mason clan is that cellist with the big grin and the Afro, it was his elder sister who was the first of the bunch to sit at a piano, the first to get sucked into music and to point the way ahead.

This is 23-year-old Isata Kanneh-Mason, who is sitting in front of me in the headquarters of her record label in King’s Cross…

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